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What is CaLogic?

CaLogic is a feature rich, muti user, Open Source (GPL) Web Calendar. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store its data.

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CaLogic Statistics (November 2004)

Did you know?
CaLogic was begun in April of 2002
As of version 1.2.2 (13.Nov.2004) it has 101 files with 47,265 lines of code and documentation.
It uses 22 MySQL Tables to store its data.
It has been downloaded over 5000 times.
I have answered well over 5000 support request E-Mails and posts. (and three telephone support request)

CaLogic is free, and it always will be.

Where did CaLogic come from?

I searched the web for years for an Open Source web calendar to use on my web site. I must have tried a dozen different Calendars. Some were written in PERL, others in PHP. None of them lived up to what I expected and needed. What really bothered me the most was that, none of them had taken the time to consider Time Zones. Which was really funny because, how can you expect to create a web based application, which could have users all over the world, and not take Time Zones into consideration? When I use a Calendar that is based on a server in Timbuktu, I expect it to show the Date and Time where I am, and not that of the server it is running on.

Well, since I am a programer, the only solution was to program a web calendar my self. CaLogic is my solution. I started on it in April of 2002. It made it's debut in the same year.


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