CaLogic feature list

CaLogic has grown into a huge application. It has evolved form the first version mainly through user requests.
So I thought it was about time to make a full feature list.

CaLogic is a multi user, multi calendar per user web event calendar application.
It is programmed with php and javascript (IE 5.5 and above). It uses MySQL to store its data.

Features Version 1.2.2:

- CaLogic is free, and it always will be
- Free support. I support my program with pride
- Extremly fast and simple install and update
- The update script will update from ANY previous version
- NO editing of ANY script files
- Can be installed on any web server that supports php and MySQL
- Password protected logon
- Password recovery
- Admin definable minimum password length, time to expire and number of logon attempts before lockout
- Multi Language
- Multiple calendars per user, each with an individual design
- Standard default calendar option
- Year, Month, Week and day views
- Per calendar definable standard view
- Printer friendly view
- Extremly flexible per calendar color and font configuration
- Self contained database backup and restore
- Uses SMTP or sendmail
- 24 or 12 hour format display
- weeks can start on Monday or Sunday (per calendar)
- Flexible week number calculation
- Open, Public and Private calendar types
- Optional Guest view of Public and Open calendars (no logon required for "Guest" user)
- Optional user registration
- Time zone consideration
- User name and Password cookie option for easy logon
- Contact database
- Contact groups
- Contact sharing
- Admin user management
- Header and footer logo support
- Views can be turned on or off by admin
- Easy calendar switching
- Optional demo mode
- Optional admin email notification of significant actions
- History log
- Uses PHP Sessions
- Global or individual Calendar configuration
- Automation API
- Admin user emulation

- Repeating events of any kind
- Repeating event exceptions
- Event text supports HTML
- Event reminders per email
- Event reminder email subscriptions
- Multiple reminders per event
- Admin or user definable per calendar Event information fields (Extended fields)
- Global Extended fields
- Freely definable event categories
- Categorie sharing
- Optional per calendar event conflict checking
- Conflict checking can be limited to events with-in the same category
- Move or copy events between calendars
- Very nice popup information of events
- Per calendar configurable event information display
- Optional compact event display